Verify Waves Token Name

Rizki Tanjung 1 week ago in How to? • updated by Support Agent 1 week ago 1

Dear Support,

i want to verify my token name at waves platform, here is the details

Identifier gbStRoDLwhB9saFpHJg2LZkjV29ewpXvsj1aJ9jtfw4

Name Litkoin


LTK token is our offical token of LTK ( on Waves Blockchain. It is use as a gateway for trading at DEX and for multicases of usage in upcoming services based on Waves SmartContract.
Waves token Assets


At the moment we do not accept requests for verification.

The verification procedure is changing, and we'll announce it as soon as it's finalised

Thank you for understanding.

Provide the Asset ID to your customers and they will always use the right asset in the DEX exchange. It is enough to enter Asset Id in the field above the chart.