Deposit Waves to HitBTC

Ridwan-Bejo 1 week ago • updated by Support Agent 1 week ago 6

Hey Guys,

Please Help, to Process my Deposit Waves has passed Over 8 Days Ago, But No List Last Transaction in HitBTC, are Wallet Still Maintenace, it has passed Over 8 Days Ago.

Timestamp : 2017-11-29 17:00:09

Ammount : 9.95000000 WAVES
Sender : 3P351tY1WibKh1f4EALHjoHfqWZnqs8gG9g
Recipient : 3PKhjMhxT5WqqL9qGDzTAXPG17z66bNEDbu

Maintenance Waves Lite Client


As you can see in the Waves explorer

the Waves network processed your transaction.

So, contact the Hitbtc support team.


I also have an issue with Waves on HitBTC. I had no reply from them for two days now.

I want to transfer my Waves from HitBTC to my WavesWallet but it's not possible to transfer Waves out of HitBTC with reply "Currency operation not available"?

Do I need to worry about HitBTC?



As far as we are concerned, Hitbtc operates in the regular mode.
If you have problems with this exchange, you need to contact their support.

Already Contact Support Ticket, even Third Ticket Still My Balance Deposit is 0, and now is has passed Over 9 Days Ago.

I've contacted their support several times. Was told its being elevated to a higher level. We'll see if it gets fixed. 

We regret this situation.
I hope that she will dare for you successfully.