why my balance still 0

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i try to test wd 1 pingcoin, and it said income transfer and procced but when i check on my balance , my balance still zero, why this can be happen?


Please tell me more, what is your problem?

What project are you talking about and what is your waves address?

Each asset is always available in the Portfolio tab section. 

Also, there you can check the DETAILS or TRANSFER your assets.

see this i wd from but no balance 


Because this is not the Waves, this is Waves asset.

Each asset is always available in the Portfolio tab section. Also, there you can check the DETAILS or TRANSFER your assets.

so how to wd my crypto ping on my waves wallet? i just follow the guide on cryptoping tech to wd that coin, thanks before for fast respond ^_^

All assets that you see in the portfolio section are already in your wallet.

ok, but for the last question how to i wd my ping coin to the balance? if i click transfer it says recipients number and where is the recipient number? and i have no waves for wd my ping coin, so where i can find it to pay fee for wd? thx b4

At the moment, I think there is only one place - Waves platform. But if this token will be listed on other exchanges, in this case, just use the - TRANSFER button. For receiving just use your Waves address.


Before creating an order or withdrawal request, please make sure that you have enough Waves.


The commission for creating one buy or sell order on the DEX platform is 0.003 Waves.

To transfer any tokens from your wallet, you need to pay a commission of 0.001 Waves.

There is a fairly simple way to receive free Waves to get started with the Lite client. Just check Waves faucets: 1 2 3 4 or buy for example 1 Waves here -

i will try some waves faucet

im sorry sir but i try to claim your free faucet and faucet said i already got 0.0001 waves coin, but when i check my balance it still 0 balance and my waves wallet is 3P85JF78cHJx34NQLYMkidF5nrK3HqPmcVF pls i really want to wd my ping coin to my waves coin