i claimed wave from wavesgo faucet. but my balance in waveswallet is 0

hung 5 months ago in Misc • updated by Twiggy Smile 5 months ago 1

tell me why? . I accessed wavesgo faucet to claim. But the number of waves that I claim is not about my wallet at



These services are not official and they are not developed by the Wavesplatform, we are not responsible for these resources. Moreover, these resources are recommended to use to receive the first Waves for the order fee in new accounts, but not as a method of enrichment.

If you did not receive anything, please try again later or try to contact with developers or maybe the problem is much simpler, faucets are just empty.

If you are trying to find a way to get first 0.003 Waves, you can buy for example 1 Waves here - or here or contact us.