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Hi Team,

Neither I can buy waves, CoEval nor withdraw my bitcoin. Its been over 12 hours I have submitted my inquiry and it is "Under review". The error I keep on getting is "Order not created"

Please first priority: How can I withdraw quickly. I need to make some transaction quickly and this is frustrating.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Under review


Whats your Waves address?

Also, I just checked. What does under "Portfolio" -> "re-issuable" means false ? Thanks

Under review


Whats your Waves address?



The problem is that you don't have enough Waves for the fee.

So, I have sent you first 0.003 Waves. Do not forget to buy some Waves for the fees - How to trade tokens on the DEX

TX ID: 5DAbPnKF7DXQLdXQhvAwWpMCAPZYRGJtExDYi2KoBjZL | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 03/08/2017 21:05:07 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PNaPGR16WCT9NmC1wP3iTFPSYJZeX8D7Ns | TX AMOUNT: 0.00300000 Waves | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3PQ8Dyh13xsAgi4Pk9Xef3S6xdxqN4nTHUM | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves

Also, check this instruction - How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin

TX ID: 2Rnfek8R1Zw4SBU4mKThkqrnUbnemwuJfpb7cGJB5BDW | TYPE: Incoming Transfer | DATE: 03/08/2017 21:04:56 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PFmmWeGPw5BqCbj7n8kv6P7JhRb337spUL | TX AMOUNT: 200 YouTubeCoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3P5attKNkUb2GrzhttoKHJUvrGifTcGjiqb | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves

Tell me please. The 200YTB was transferred. Inbound translation is and where to see them? There is no such a purse. Thank you

Each asset is always available in the Portfolio tab (second tab of the main menu). So, just check it.

YTB is not traded on the stock exchange? Thank you

You can trade them on the DEX platform - How to trade tokens on the DEX Asset ID: (HhzJGgbbogGQubKkHUyEaHKs7fBRebjoJkgiDQ8jrYee)

I do not have such a currency pair on the platform.

Because this asset is not verified, so at this time please use Asset ID - HhzJGgbbogGQubKkHUyEaHKs7fBRebjoJkgiDQ8jrYee