How do i sell BCC for BTC on the waves platform?

Hendrik Vorster 4 months ago in Bug • updated by Gillian Delvigne 3 months ago 4

How do I sell BCC for BTC on the waves platform?

Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
Under review


There is a limit for the order amount. The amount can not be less than 1 Waves or less than 1 for any asset. In the next releases of the full node, we will fix this limitation. So, at the moment if you want to trade less than 1 with BTC, ETH or BCC first please exchange BTC/ETH > Waves > Waves > BCC . Or just use Waves / BCC pair.

Let me know the result.

It seems that I can't transfer my bitcoin cash from Waves client to another platform like Bittrex... ? And I can't neither exchange it on the client. How can I exchange BCC to BTC ?


How can I withdraw BCC to another wallet or exchange?

Withdrawals to external wallets will be available in the nearest future.

How can I deposit BCC from another wallet or exchange?

Deposits from external wallets are still being discussed within the community.

Fasten your seatbelts, we are going to deposit Bitcoin Cash to your wallets!

If you have enough BCC so just exchange to Waves and then to BTC. I mean, if the order is 1 or more 1. If not, wait for updates.

Thanks! So I'll wait for the update!