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Why i cant get the waves that my friend sending to me its almost 5hrs now but not added to my waves.

This is my wave address: 3PNFmnNRRuK87m1TBraj7yWeJ9zpcRc1aDW

Waves Lite Client
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What did your friend send you? There you can find the list of all transactions - http://www.wavesgo.com/account.html?3PNFmnNRRuK87m1TBraj7yWeJ9zpcRc1aDW

They send me a waves for fee because i want to trade my token, After sending i saw the wave on my wallet but after in hour they are gone. I do not know why they are gone.


You address was empty but I have sent you 0.003 Waves. Check your wallet. Please do not forget to buy a few Waves for the fees - How to trade tokens on the DEX

Thank you so much ..