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You have a verified check mark by Monkey MNY Dij1pWm5pFmtYNuzsaCRh1v1msrK3g89fuqYZLSAjwD5 but the actual Monkey MNY is listed as 2aN5sxTbjtoZziX9iCAyanrtDhCfNcPyRqdpnEHNppdN????

Why did you verify the other address?  It sure screwed me over.  



You can use asset id which presented on official project threads or web sites. For example, you can find Coe/Mny asset id's in the official project thread -  

Real Mny asset id - 2aN5sxTbjtoZziX9iCAyanrtDhCfNcPyRqdpnEHNppdN

Real Coe asset id - 7iuKMcC6TKnwipSMZFRTQNh5kwpEU2F8h8wB569qhekf

And do not forget to update your wallet. The latest version is 0.4.34

Yeah that doesn't change the fact that there was a check mark, actually still, is by the scam.  The last time I will ever use waves.  Might as well burn your money.