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I have been on the MC slack channel for over a month and have invested heavily too in MC on Waves: now there was a discussion a few minutes ago between Daniel and some of the "in crowd" about restricting the membership to just them, and immediately as I wrote a comment about this objecting to it wishing to point out that I had been learning a great deal about MC etc from watching the discussions and occasionally asking questions (as I was a newbie), lo and behold suddenly I can no longer access the channel! I assume therefore that I have been excluded, kicked out.

What does this mean? Without any chance to say anything just kicked out? What kind of approach is that to a loyal and honest investor? 

I have a significant investment in MC through the Waves platform and I have stuck with it in spite of the collapse in COE value etc (and NO ICO) because I believe in the concept of MC and in Daniel.

Not having access to the discussions makes it very hard to continue with the investment: I don't like the feeling that I am now going to be "blind" and that I lose the opportunity to understand the thinking of Daniel Harrison and his team. This has been one of the main reasons I have stuck with the project....but now I am left feeling extremely exposed. Is there any way that I can get back into the channel?



Waves platform does not process Coeval/Mny ICO payments. We provide only the blockchain platform. Also, we are not moderators for Coe/Mny slack chat or bitcointalk thread.

Wavesplatform as blockchain platform uses their own slack chat -

Please be careful, every official asset provided by Waves platform has a green checkmark. But you can find Coe/Mny asset id's in the official project thread -  

Real Mny asset id - 2aN5sxTbjtoZziX9iCAyanrtDhCfNcPyRqdpnEHNppdN

Real Coe asset id - 7iuKMcC6TKnwipSMZFRTQNh5kwpEU2F8h8wB569qhekf