Error to buy WAVES

Icecream 3 months ago in Bug • updated by Twiggy Smile 3 months ago 1

Hi , i have BTC in my wallet and want to buy WAVES but cannot without the first WAVES, would you please send 1 WAVES to my address, thanks!

my WAVES address:  3PFcqekRiQp3G1tKpZUoa6Bnf7Fad9DJBdz 

Waves token


Please use bitcoins for buying min 0.006 Waves without any waves.

Just exchange some bitcoins for 0.006 Waves.

You no longer have to pay the initial fee before you buy Waves. The commission is charged later. At the moment it works only with Waves/BTC pair, so please follow the instructions - How to trade tokens on the DEX