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Similar to the whoppercoin, it might be interesting to talk with the company behind air miles to get an airmilecoin for instance. This would mean you will reach an already existing large community with coins that actually already have value. I'm talking about a large portion of the Netherlands. It will be more interesting to get airmiles because you can sell them. Now you can only use them for discounts.


Ramses Knijff


I like your suggestion. Waves may be aiming at this very suggestion working with Deloitte. 

Check out this video:

Let me know what you think.

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Looking good👍

Curious what news we will have this week;

"Alexandra: So, our next Big Things are Waves NG protocol and Waves Client 1.0
We`ve been silent about both NG and Client Updates for last weeks, but from now we`re gonna start revealing lots of teasers and updates on it every week 🙂 And first teasers are coming this week!"

It might also be interesting to talk with Ahold to make a AH/Aholdcoin instead of the outdated 'spaarzegeltjes' 

system they still use. Customers can buy for every euro they spend an AH-savings stamp buy for 10 cents. When turning in a full stamp booklet (490 stamps) you will receive 52 euro cash. The value of the stamps is 10 cents x 490 = 49 euro. The premium on a full booklet is 3 euros. This savings scheme exists for decades.


Time to replace it with somethinh news. Licking the stamps is so gross!

Indeed, there are numerous cases to which the same idea can be applied. Perhaps you can focus on this in your marketing.