Answered clone trying to steal our costumers

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Someone created a token similar to my token name with the same ammount of pre sale token that us. 

How can we remove this clone?



Wavesplatform is decentralised platform. Any member of the Waves network can create their token and distribute them to other participants in the Waves platform. Someone doing it to attract attention to their token, someone doing it to draw attention to their LPOS pool. Some are doing it just for fun or spamming network.

But only assets from this list List of Verified Assets, and having a name in their title are verified by Waves.

The original asset can always be distinguished by Asset ID, so inform your users with your real Asset ID which belongs to your token.

Where can you find the identifier? Each asset is always available in the Portfolio tab section (second tab of the main menu). So open it, find your asset and click on DETAILS button. Use "Identifier".

Thank you for your answer, quick and effective. 

What are the procedures to became part  of Verified Assets. 

Thank you.


At the moment we do not accept requests for verification.

The verification procedure is changing, and we'll announce it as soon as it's finalised. Please check this topic, there we will post a new instruction - How to get your Token verified

Thank you for understanding.

Unfortunatelly we will have to migrated to ERC20 Tokens. 

Thank you for understanding.

ERC20 token has exactly the same issue,  names are not unique there either; someone can copy your new one.  Plus the Ethereum contract overhead is far more complicated.  And you will miss the nice Waves DEX interface, superior transaction speed with Waves NG,  powerful Scala engine, etc.

Only the Token Asset ID is unique, on most/all the decentralized systems, Waves, Bitshares, Ethereum, etc.  So you always have to inform users of the unique Id.

The Tokens are genuinely owned by each individual issuer, who can name them anything, including as dup/clones of others.  No central authority can override it.  That is the nature of a decentralized system.

All these platforms are good, but Waves is probably easiest to use, for issuing, tracking, and trading pure Tokens, if you don't need the associated risk/complexity of Contract code.

The Waves approach is they are Verifying specific tokens on a per-request basis.  Because this requires tracking user requests, investigative work, support in the GUI, maintaining a catalog, etc...  as I understand they are implementing a more formal/organized process to manage that.  It sounds like it will be available soon, and then your token can get verified.   If you jump ship hastily, over the naming issue, you may well find yourself in the same or worse situation on another platform. 

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(note: I'm not support personnel, just an advocate/supporter of the excellent Waves platform)