I can't cancel my waves leased because it's not showing up in history

denisem88 1 month ago in Bug • updated by Khalil Gary-Robinson 3 weeks ago 3

I've leased my waves several months ago, I leased it 2x, the last one I was able to cancel because it showed up in history. The oldest one is not even showing up in the leased history at the bottom of the page under the Leasing tab. Please help I've been trying to cancel my lease for several months and slack pointed out this support site. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

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Please try to re-import your account with the seed phrase - How to restore access to my account?

If it doesn't work, please, cancel leases manually with the leasing utility.

Just download the latest Windows release:

Then open "unlease.exe" and follow the instructions.

Let me know the result. 

Thank you so much!!! It worked with the Unlease software link you gave me but it really did not work with the Waves wallet instructions. I hope it will be a smoother experience next time within the wallet. But thank you so much for the very fast response nevertheless!!!

You are welcome!

Good luck!