Attachment Function Does Not Seem to Work

AltCoinTrader 2 weeks ago in How to? • updated by Twiggy Smile 5 days ago 2

I sent some tokens that I created from one WAVES account that I own to another WAVES account I own, and in the process of sending, I listed information for an ATTACHMENT to be included. What I wrote in the ATTACHMENT box was this: "ThisIsMyWavesAddress"

But when the transfer went through to the secondary WAVES account, I copied the "FULL TX DATA" for the transaction to see what happened with my attachment. An attachment listing DID show up; however, instead of showing those words that I typed above, this is what it shows:  


Of course, that string of characters is not anywhere close to what I actually typed into the ATTACHMENT box; and that looks more like another WAVES address than anything else.

So please get back to me on this issue if you have the time and let me know if there is a fix for this problem. If I don't receive any word back from you on this question, then I'll just assume the ATTACHMENT function does not work, and I will forget about using the WAVES platform in the future. No big deal. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work. Thank you.



The systeml convert the Attachment to the base58 format.
If you enter this code 2BCsfBoBVqRkcWenz2D4cu5hyK8N,

for example, into this program,

then you will find exactly "ThisIsMyWavesAddress".

Perfect. Thank you.