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Missing bitcoin, withdrawl not completed

DaveM9188 2 weeks ago in Money issues • updated by Twiggy Smile 2 weeks ago 3

Today I tried to withdraw 0.00999999 of BTC and send it to a associated wallet and the transaction was never completed. I suspect my funds may have been stolen but I cannot be sure. When I sent the waves it went to this address - TX ID: FpEhyg87EotXVFmAGtjTJS2EmXt1J9SNybEwxqVJvgUu | TYPE: Outgoing Transfer | DATE: 11/10/2017 10:27:00 | SENDER ADDRESS: 3PLJJ9L7M4A9eEcJauth2E1ypaQJ7YVZtbj | TX AMOUNT: 0.00999999 Bitcoin | RECIPIENT ADDRESS: 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9Djr | TX FEE: 0.001 Waves | ATTACHMENT: Kpj6zg1B5rGiw9ZT5xW

This was at 10:25 AM U.S. East Coast time. It is now 7.22 P.M. U.S. East coast time and I still have not received my funds.

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Not a bug


Thank you for the provided information. Your transaction was successfully processed 730 mins ago on the Waves gateway.

Tx id

So now just wait for network confirmations.

By the way, please read this article - How does the Bitcoin gateway work

Then where are my coins? I never received them.

Not a bug

Please open this link -

You will get bitcoins when your transaction is confirmed in the bitcoin network. At the moment there is more than 90000 unconfirmed transactions in the bitcoin network -

So, just wait, that's all.