wawes deposit problem

msfakgul 2 weeks ago in Money issues • updated by Twiggy Smile 2 weeks ago 8

The waves are not getting a deposit. When I click on it goes to 404 page.

Why ?

Under review


Where do you get this error? On Indacoin side when you tried buy waves with you card?

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So, did you create purchase and fund has been debited from your card?

Hayır. O aşamaya gelemem. Dalgalar almak istiyorum, ama bununla başa çıkıyorum. Daha önce başka cüzdan almıştım. Bu hata yeni.

What are the consequences ?


At the moment, there is some problem on the Indacoin Exchange side.

So, please try again later or check an alternate method. You can buy for example bitcoins here - and send them to your wallet How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and after depositing just exchange them for waves. See more - How to trade tokens on the DEX

I do not want bitcoin. I want waves

Just send bitcoins to your account - How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and exchange them for Waves - How to trade tokens on the DEX