How to restore access to my account?

Just reimport an account with the seed phrase. Please follow the instructions.

Click on Import Account on the main page of the Lite Client. 

You will be forwarded to the following page. 

Copy and paste or write your SEED into the blank text field - the Lite Client will automatically return the corresponding address right below the text field. If you entered the correct SEED, it will display your Waves address. Then, click on Register, assign a name to the account (optional) and set a password for encryption of the SEED. To finish the process, click on Register again and you are forwarded to the user interface of the Lite Client.

Password uses only for local encryption of the wallet data so that you can use a new or same password.

If you get different Waves address, please make sure that you use the correct seed phrase, even a single space or character (even if you clicked on the Return/Enter button when you were importing the seed phrase) will generate another waves address. One seed phrase generates only one waves address.

For example (check attachments):

Without space>


With one space>

With the pressed Return button

By the way, the seed phrase always contains 15 words with spaces between each word. Except the beginning of the first word and the end of the last word.

It is not possible to recover your password. However, you can restore your wallet from its seed phrase, and choose a new password. If you lose both your password and your seed, there is no way to recover your money. This is why we ask you to save your seed phrase on paper.

Waves platform does not have access to users accounts and seed phrases.