How does the Zcash gateway work

After creating withdrawal request, Zcash tokens are transferred to the gateway side as wZEC (Waves ZEC) tokens, then gateway processed them and finally sends as external ZEC transaction, i.e. wZEC > Zcash gateway > ZEC.

For deposits, the process is repeated but in the opposite direction ZEC > Zcash gateway > wZEC asset.

You will receive tokens to your Zcash address which you used. By the way, deposits and withdrawals process usually takes up to 120 minutes.

Warning. All transactions are always processed only through this gateway address - 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9Djr

What is Waves ZEC?

The Waves ZEC token (wZEC) represents Zcash on the Waves blockchain. Waves allow people to store and transfer it more efficiently due to Waves’ high speeds and low transaction fees.

Every wZEC token is 1:1 backed by Zcash held in a secure multi-sig account