Prepare the necessary data:

1. Your nickname in Waves slack (for registration use -

2. Information about your project (site, white paper, bitcointalk thread, twitter and other social networks)

3. Information about your asset (Asset ID, Name)
4. The short ticker name for DEX platform

After the preparation, send a private message to @runoverspace in Waves slack chat.


To get verified mark (green mark) (read it as: the one whom the company trusts). There are no classical ways (just paid the commission and get a lot of trust). Work hard on your business, be active with your community and support the Waves and Waves community. Promote your product, come up with a system of incentives for Waves users.

In general, create an honest business, be proactive, create partnerships with the Wavesplatform and sooner or later your asset will be among the trusted assets.