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Two weeks ago I bought COEVAL's in order to participate in Monkey Capital ICO. After ICO "started" on 8th August, I received EOT tokens in my waves account instead of the 10000 supposed to be sent for each COEVAL I have. What has been the problem with Monkey Capital ICO in this aspect? Has Waves any responsability in what we have suffered with the decreased value of COEVAL? I would like some responses from Waves platform because it seems something has failed in this process an my money has evaporated. Waves is not  reliable? Thanks



You can use asset id which presented on official project threads or web sites. For example, you can find Coe/Mny asset id's in the official project thread -  

Real Mny - 2aN5sxTbjtoZziX9iCAyanrtDhCfNcPyRqdpnEHNppdN

Real Coe - 7iuKMcC6TKnwipSMZFRTQNh5kwpEU2F8h8wB569qhekf

Regarding payments, Waves platform is the decentralized platform and we do not make any ICO payments. Please contact the project developers. We do not regulate the price, we provide only the platform. Any market is a free market.


Yes but don't you have the responsibility to ensure that listed ICO are NOT scams?  This is obviously a scam because they have not issued the 10,000 MNY and also Waves has removed the green icon that legitimizes the ICO.  Many people have trusted the Waves platform to do some type of due diligence for ICOs.  Monkey capital has just run away with a billion dollars of investor money and the waves platform has been utilized to execute this scam.

Please start providing us with some real information before a lot of people lose trust in Waves


Brice why are you inappropriately announcing, falsely, that Monkey Capital is a scam? I saw this baseless accusation listed 2x in your threads of the complaint forum to Waves.  Waves on their own took off the green check mark a few days ago which increased the confusion for the investors, and because the platform allows anyone to spoof anything they want, there are a bunch of false tokens being passed on for all pairs, not just MNY/COE.  The ICO is delayed 30 days, given the problems this platform has given the developers and the new SEC concerns regarding whether crypto currencies/ICOs are to be regulated as securities. Monkey Capital has invested in a few hedge funds and have options to purchase a major stake, so it's a real tangible investment it is trying to preserve with the above developments.  I even listened in on a conference call with one of the hedge funds, which I felt cleared the air on any thought that it was not legitimate.  The complications have understandibly altered their ICO for 30 days to get things right.  The unsolicited airdrop of EOT tokens is unrelated to Monkey, every wallet/account in the Waves universe got those, its a spammer of tokens since this platform has no rules.

Please stop spread false information about Monkey Capital, it is not a scam, or the founders would have already taken the money and run, fled to Russia or somewhere, instead of committing capital and continuing to adapt to the quick changing marketplace.  What Monkey is attempting to accomplish has never been tried before (access to hedge funds and their returns, investing in ICO's, for all, not just accredited investors), where the returns are paid in tokens and appreciation/value.  Many minds are being put to the task on hand, and it is just not perfected to launch yet.  Please be patient.  I am in your shoes, just someone who has a couple of COE and a lot of cheap MNY, real and fake.  But I am watching it closely, I am a lawyer so be assured I would ask questions if I saw something going on.


Ken I encourage you to look into this further.  This is a obvious pump & dump scam where the founders of Monkey Capital sold all the their CoEval at the highest prices.  Their website is down and Daniel the founder is a crazy person.  Any explanations of the delay of the ICO are just smoke and mirrors to buy Daniel and the founding team time to get away with this.  The prices has gone from $1400 to $40 in about a couple weeks while Daniel is blaming Waves for messing up the ICO.  

I want to get this clear.  I am in no way blaming Waves for the scam that was just performed on their platform.  I am however extremely disappointed that the Waves team is not addressing this issue and saying to all investors that "sorry it's your fault you invested"  I hope that the Waves community and team understands that acknowledging the problem and dealing with these ICO scams head on are the best way to encourage people to invest in the future.  Right now I have absolutely no faith in ICOs and I hope that the platforms such as Waves and Ethereum find ways to tackle these scams head on and not sweep them under the rug.  Even though it is not directly the Waves platforms fault they should feel some level of responsibility to the community to ensure that there is less chance for these things to happen in the future.  Right now as a community member I'm not too excited in getting this copy and paste answer from them.  Also how does Sasha Ivanov not know about Monkey Capital? Isn't this the biggest ICO to happen on the Waves Platform to date?

| We asked Waves Platform for comments on this story and got official answer from Waves Platform CEO Sasha Ivanov. Here it is:

“I don’t even know what this token is. I’m not 100% sure it is a scam. All trades and all activity on DEX is public and everyone can find out what was going on there.” |

"In 2016, Daniel Mark Harrison & CO out of the United Kingdom, went under Investigation in Hong Kong for taking money from investors to upgrade apartment and business complexes. The renovations where never completed and investors lost money due to the fact Daniel Mark Harrison & CO went bankrupt. "

https:[email protected]/report-ico-ripoff-review-monkey-capital-mny


Well you should at least take your own advice, "I encourage you to look into this further," because what you post, esp. the "Ripoff Report," which is inconclusive on its face, despite the misleading and self-serving headlines of each poster, from MY READING exonerates DMH & CO from any alleged involvement, as he clearly (with proof) issued a letter of withdrawal of a proposed agreement after due diligence.  He can't control someone else's fraudulent conduct in backdating an alleged sale (as evidenced by an indelible, non-disputable date stamp post letter of withdrawal) or putting his name on anything.   Where is it written that Mr. Harrison signed anything or did any affirmative act that bound him to ALD?  I don't see anything in any of the background of the very misleading Steemit article

Just  a small sampling of Steemit article's "alleged" research you offered as proof:

(From the RipoffReport link,

"By way of background: in 2015, DMH&CO announced it was thinking of purchasing ALD, but on April 1, 2015 a formal decline to purchase letter (attached) was sent from the company's CEO to the owner of the shares of ALD George Leong. Absolute Living Developments is a now defunct developer that was responsible for developing Olicana House as well as Summerberry, Print House, Empress Mill and various other North of England properties.

"The day following Mr. Harrison's letter of resignation and refusal to purchase the shares of ALD, the shareholder of ALD altered the annual filing to reflect that he had sold the shares to Mr. Harrison and backdated the filing to Feb 1 (however the Companies House electronic filing system clearly reveals that the entry was made on April 6, 2016). This is believed to have been done in order to avoid a winding-up petiition that the owner was aware was coming later that month.

"There was never an agreement to purchase ALD and there is no sales and purchase contract or written agreement in place between Mr. Leong and Mr. Harrison to sell or purchase the shares. Mr. Harrison has informed the relevant authorities in the UK who have agreed to ammend the filings to reflect that Mr. Leong is the owner of the shares of ALD. Mr. Harrison and DMH&CO have no connection with ALD therefore. Please see the attached letter which was sent tie-stamped and date-stamped by e-mail and sent via FedEX to Companies House and is thus post-stamped as evidence of its priority over the filing at Companies House."  [CLEARLY THE RECORD OF POSTS EXONERATED DANIEL HARRISON SINCE HE WAS OUT OF THE DEAL AND SMELLED IT OUT IN HIS DUE DILIGENCE AS NOTED BELOW]

(From the BusinessWire link,

“While the financing is still in place to do the whole deal, since becoming a Board Member, I’ve found it frustrating to get straight answers on a whole range of issues from various internal parties. It also appears that there may be a number of accounting irregularities with ALD and that concerns us a lot,” said Daniel Mark Harrison, Founder & CEO of DMH & Co. [EMPHASIS MINE]

“However, it is also still clear that cherry-picking the very best of the ALD portfolio is an option for us and the plan to buy into its best developments is still going ahead,” added Mr. Harrison.  [BEFORE HEPULLED THE PLUG ON FINALIZING ANYTHING, DURING DUE DILIGENCE]


(From the CoinSchedule link, which is nothing more than innoucuous questions and answers in a forum, [AGAIN, THE AUTHOR'S LINK TO IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE BUT PLEASE DO READ THE THREAD!!!!]



"Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur and popular business and cultural media commentator.

"He is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO), a Family Office with offices and active operations in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. He is also Managing Partner of fintech and blockchain venture capital firm Monkey Capital.

"Mr. Harrison had been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, as well as online dailies such as The Daily Dot and Portfolio Magazine and is a frequent guest on business news channels including Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN.

"In noteworthy academic achievements, Mr. Harrison developed the concept of Factory Banking, a value configuration model based on Stabell and Fjelstad's 1999 investigation into Michael Porter's value chain model. Factory Banking is today the most widely-used value configuration model for businesses and transactions in the Internet of Things (IoT) economy. Most recently, he has begun work on a new market pricing model which challenges the validity of Free Market Economy pricing models dubbed the Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium."

It goes on to state he was Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and Columnist of CoinSpeaker, MarxRand, and The Motley Fool and started the's Asia office.

There's a lot more there with his practical experience, but you might want to read it yourself and formally apologize to Mr. Harrison for furthering a slander.  I mean, in America, your carelessness would get your ass sued.


So Please, again, retract and apologize as that is the best way to avoid a slander action.


Ken it's starting to sound like your one of Daniel's minions or Daniel M Harrison himself.  And please don't even try to threaten a slander action your're being laughable at this point.  I do know however, this has class action written all over it.

Good luck out there Daniel Harrison.  Karma will always come back to those who mess with it. I wouldn't be surprised if he is locked up something in the future.



Is that your fall back position when you have no facts to support you?  Sorry, I'm clearly not Daniel Harrison (unfortunately).  I practice law in Philadelphia, PA and know a thing or two of the area.  You gave me a scare when you cited and quoted that Steemit article, so I decided to do my due diligence and read the citations in the article YOU quoted from, something YOU clearly failed to do.  Thus, be careful yourself, as the evidence I cited spoke well of Mr. Harrison, but you carelessly close your eyes to the truth, or even the facts I cited quite clearly in your false "scam" charges.  The Steemit article was written to misguide you, and now you are the misguided, and spreading further misguidance.  When you decide to attack me personally as opposed to arguing the facts and evidence I presented says way more about you.  I still believe you owe Mr. Harrison an apology for slander and I advised you that the article you cite is false on its face, so you are on notice, Brice.

BTW, see opposing point of view vid by someone much younger but smarter than the tow of us put together: