How to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from Waves

Dear Waves Riders!

In response to your numerous requests to set up a gateway for external Bitcoin Cash transfers, we decided to provide you with a solution to withdraw your Bitcoin Cash from the Waves Platform.

Creation of a full-fledged Bitcoin Cash gateway is still being discussed and has not yet concluded. 

Bitcoin Cash withdrawal will be set up the simplest half automated way. 

If you want to withdraw your Bitcoin Cash, you will have to send it to a specific gateway address while indicating your external Bitcoin Cash address in the transaction attachment. Further Bitcoin Cash deposit, from gateway address to your external one, will be made automatically at regular intervals (up to once per three days) or if the number of requests will be significant. 

The gateway fee is 0.001 Bitcoin Cash per transfer. The minimum withdraw amount is 0.001 BCH.


Carefully read the instructions below on how to make Bitcoin Cash withdrawals.

1. Open Waves Lite Client.

2. Go to "Portfolio."

3. Find in the Portfolio list your Bitcoin Cash asset (Name “Bitcoin Cash” with a GREEN check mark or with asset ID zMFqXuoyrn5w17PFurTqxB7GsS71fp9dfk6XFwxbPCy)

4. Click "TRANSFER."

5. Specify in the "Recipient's address" field this address 3PBLdLAs6qZq2AVdEmBfh2RubQYETm8vvg4. This is Bitcoin Cash gateway of the Coinomat. 

6. Specify the amount you want to withdraw.

7. Specify in the "Attachment field" your external address, to which you want to send your Bitcoin Cash.

8. Click  "TRANSFER."

9. Wait for an inbound Bitcoin Cash transaction for up to five days.


Any erroneous transactions are irreversible. Carefully read the instructions, double check all data inputs, check again before confirming your transaction.

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