Lite client: How to re-issue a Token

Go to the Portfolio Tab (the second tab of the main menu) and click on REISSUE.

Re-issue token.PNG

Then, the following pop-up appears:

Asset reissuance popup.PNG

The pop-up gives you information about the current parameters of your asset such as total tokens issues, your WAVES balance, the asset ID and the asset name. Moreover, it allows you to issue more tokens on top of the old supply.

In order to do that, define the amount of new tokens to be issued in Additional amount and choose if you want to be able to re-issue more tokens at a later point or if the supply is final. If you tickle the box Reissue enabled, you have the possibility to increase the supply in the future. If it's not tickled, the maximum supply is now set in stone.

After you have entered all necessary information, click on REISSUE and the new tokens will be created with the next block. You'll be able to see your newly issued tokens in the Portfolio Tab.

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