Beta wallet: How to Create Waves account

Open up your Waves wallet -

Click on Get Started

Choose your address avatar. When you have done so, put and repeat the password. 

Click on Continue button.

In the next step, we recommend to create a backup copy of the seed phrase.

To continue, click on Back Up now

Carefully read the warning and only then click on I understand

After that, you will get account seed phrase. 

Create several copies of the seed phrase and click on I've written it down

Сonfirm your seed phrase with a correct sequence of words (just tap the words).

If you made a mistake just click on Clear and tap again.

After finishing, just click on Confirm.

At the final stage, read carefully the conditions and if you are agree, put the checkboxes.

Click on Confirm and Begin.

If you have done all of the above, you are forwarded to the user interface.