Full node 0.9.1 (Testnet Only)


In this release

  • LevelDB supported on Windows
  • DEX Matcher fully implemented using LevelDB
  • DEX Matcher now has its own separate LevelDB storage

Changes to configuration file

  • New waves.leveldb-cache-size parameter. Use it to configure internal LevelDB cache, the value can be set as 200M or 1G. Defaults to 256M.
  • New parameter waves.matcher.data-directory that could be used to set the location of Matcher's LevelDB storage folder. Default value is ${waves.matcher.matcher-directory}"/data"
  • New waves.matcher.leveldb-cache-size the parameter could be used to set the size of LevelDB internal cache for Matcher's storage. By default, it has the same value as waves.leveldb-cache-size.

Installation the same as for version 0.9.0.

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