Bitcoin Cash Airdrop

We’re planning to start the BCH airdrop next Thursday, on February 22, 2018. Here’s how you take part:

1. You need to generate a waves wallet with letters “B”, “C” and “H” in it, not necessarily in consecutive order;
2. After that, you transfer your WCT there;
3. Distribution is sent out to these new addresses proportionally to their WCT holdings;
4. If the address contains the “B”, “C” and “H” letters in the consecutive order the address receives a double payout;

Stay tuned and follow our official channels for more details!

UPDATE: The case of letters doesn’t matter. Old addresses with mentioned letters in the right order are also eligible.

UPDATE 2: Please see eligible wallet examples below.

Good for airdrop: 3P9pQb71G5CkHXjoqoHdfD8cZ4VSrmC2F1G (letter case is not important)

Good for x2: 3P9pQd71G5nkHXjoqoHBCH8cZ4VSrmC2F1G (letter case is not important)

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