Full node 0.10.3 (Mainnet & Testnet)


This release is not mandatory. In the release, we slightly improved the node API and fixed a minor bug.

In the release

  • New API method to get detailed information about an asset
  • New API method to get local time on a node

Update notes

This release has fully compatible storage format with versions 0.10.x and 0.9.x. You don't have to reload the blockchain, just update binary files.


MD5 (waves-testnet_0.10.3_all.deb) = b2730538ad37d620926e5f69a2467024
MD5 (waves-all-0.10.3.jar) = b01727e3ff5d45aff67a070aea88bd5d
MD5 (waves_0.10.3_all.deb) = 27085b10889b6c381649e8a656bb30b8

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