Full node 0.12.0 (Testnet Only)


In this release

  • Smart Accounts & Smart Assets
  • Fee Sponsorship

New features

  • Feature 4 "Smart Accounts"
  • Feature 7 "Fee Sponsorship"

Read more about Fee Sponsorship at new Waves Documentation site.

Please, read about Smart Accounts & Smart Assets. The IDE for Smart Contracts programming language RIDE is available at ide.wavesplatform.com. Feel free to ask questions and discuss Smart Accounts at our Discord channel #smart-contracts.

Please, vote for new features 4 and 7.

Note about activation of Fee Sponsorship

Activation of "Fee Sponsorship" starts a cooldown period of 3000 blocks (on Testnet). During this time it is possible to create Fee Sponsorship transactions, but they will be active and will replace the Assets Fee Settings only at the end of the cooldown period.

Update notes

A minor bug in the state was fixed. Because of this, the full rebuild of the state is required. Please, use import/export routine or download the blockchain from the network.

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