I've lost both my Seed Passphrase and my Waves app password. Are my funds lost?

The short answer is yes.

Unfortunately, if you lost both your Seed Passphrase AND your Wallet password, you cannot restore your Waves account.

We are not a centralized service, this is what makes Wavesplatform safe. We have no access to your passphrases, passwords, keys or funds, they are always only in your device and are your responsibility. 

If you don't have access to the device, or if the device no longer has your wallets installed and you clear system caches, having only the password or Waves address is not enough.

Note: Please do NOT save your Seed Passphrase as a memo/file/screenshot in the same device as Waves wallet, since losing/breaking this device will make you lose the Seed Passphrase as well.

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