Version 0.13.3 (Mainnet & Testnet)


In this release

What is Data Transaction

Data Transaction allows storing additional information on the account. For now, this information could be used by third-party services, but as soon as Smart Contracts will come to Mainnet, this information could be used during transaction validation. Please, reade detailed information about Data Transaction.

Burn Any Tokens

Now it is possible to burn any tokens your own before this update it could be done only by the issuer of the token. Read about the token burning.

How Fee Sponsorship works

Fee Sponsorship is here to replace the transactions fee paid in assets. Not all node owners were happy with receiving various assets as the fee paid for transactions processing. Now the things are going to change. After activation of this feature to process the transactions paid in assets issuer of the asset should set up a sponsorship for the asset. Sponsorship is a sum of Waves that the issuer is willing to pay for the processing of transactions paid in the asset. Miners will receive only Waves as the fee. Please, read additional information about Sponsor Fee Transaction and Sponsored transactions.

Fair PoS

Fair PoS is an adjusted consensus algorithm that provides accurate performance ratio of mining. Please, read the paper about Fair PoS and following discussion.

Optimized Level DB storage

We've optimized node's storage. Some caches were put in-between that speed up the data processing. Import of the blockchain from a binary file is twice faster now. Due to this optimization, the node's storage should be rebuilt. Please, refer the update notes.

New features voting

With this release it is possible to activate following features:

  • Data Transaction, feature number 5
  • Burn Any Tokens, number 6
  • Fee Sponsorship, number 7
  • Fair PoS, feature number 8

To vote for any set of available features, please add them to node's configuration file as follows:

features {
    supported = [5, 7] # This is an example, make your own decision what vote for

How to update

Basically, the node should be updated as follows:

  1. Stop the node
  2. Export existing blockchain to a binary file or download binary file
  3. Update node's executables
  4. Import binary file
  5. Start the node

Prepare binary blockchain file

After stopping the node execute following command to export existing blocks to a binary file:

sudo -u waves java -cp '/usr/share/waves/lib/*' com.wavesplatform.Exporter /etc/waves/waves.conf /usr/share/waves/mainnet

Or download binary blockchain file created for you at height 1,031,479.

Import binary file

Remove data folder:

sudo rm -rdf /var/lib/waves/data

Install the new version of the node:

sudo dpkg -i waves_0.13.3_all.deb

Import blocks from the binary file:

sudo -u waves importer /etc/waves/waves.conf /usr/share/waves/mainnet-[some height]

After import do not forget to remove the file:

sudo rm /usr/share/waves/mainnet-[some height]


MD5 (waves-all-0.13.3.jar) = 061750cd20ef7ade66795129282717f3 

MD5 (waves_0.13.3_all.deb) = 3f676c6512a11c25fbac3143d5a5d73a 

MD5 (waves-testnet_0.13.3_all.deb) = bf834e5171156eb0e351d6f9a9f2dc4c

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