Lite client: How to trade tokens on the DEX

The Waves DEX is a decentralised exchange which allows you to buy, sell or exchange every asset existing within the Waves Platform.

Remember that trading fee on the DEX costs you 0.003 WAVES in transaction fees.


If you have enough assets (BTC/ETH/LTC/ZEC/USD/EUR and so on) and if this asset has sufficient value, just exchange them for Waves without having an initial Waves using the internal DEX exchange.

Warning. When you exchange Assets for Waves to get an initial tokens. Please take into account the amount of exchange, since order fee is 0.003 Waves, this amount will be debited from the received Waves after order execution.

Beware of unverified assets. Trading and dealing with unverified assets may result in total loss of your money. 

Only assets from this list List of Verified Assets, and having a name in their title are verified by Waves.

We do not give any advice on how to work with no-name assets because some of them can be fakes.

How to trade on the DEX

After you have logged into your account, go to the WAVES Decentralized Exchange Tab and you'll see the following window.

By default, the Exchange opens on the WAVES/BTC pairs.

Buy order: Shows you the existing buy order.
Sell order: Shows you the existing sell order.
Trade History: Shows you the lasts matching trades.
Buy Waves: Allows you to make a buy order.
Sell Waves: Allows you to make a sell order.
My Orders: Shows your lasts matching trades.

How to Change the tradable Pairs

To change the pairs, choose the one you want from the favorite panel on the right or replace the assets name in the text form above by the name of the pair you want. A scrolling menu will show up with the name of all the assets tradable on the DEX.

How to Make an order

After you have selected the pairs you want to trade.

Here WCT/BTC pair for example.

You have to fill your order. For that, you have two possibilities:

- Fill an existing order.

- Create a new order.

Fill an existing order

To do so, just click on the order you want to fill in the buy/sell order panel. It will automatically fill the right blank form. After you have verified the information, just click on BUY or SELL button to submit it.

Create a new order

Go to the buy/sell form and fill the form.

Price in Waves: Put the price you want to buy/sell.

Waves Community Amount: Put the amount of WCT you want to buy/sell.
Total: Shows you a number of WAVES you will spend/earn.
Fees: Shows you a number of WAVES the trade will cost you in fees.
After you have verified all the information click on BUY or SELL to submit the trade.

Once the order is created a pop-up, in the right corner, will tell you so and the order will show in My orders.

Another pop-up will show once the order is filled, and the transaction will be shown in your transaction history.

How to cancel an order

If you want to cancel an order just click on the cross at the right of it in My order.

Once it's done a pop-up will tell you.

Note: you can't cancel an order already filled!

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