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Hello, my dear voyager from the Waves universe!

Just open an online version of the lite client - and create an account - How to Create an Account

Also you can start to use the newest version of the application - See How to Create an Account (Beta wallet)

Please take into account, some functions are not yet available in the beta wallet or may work not correctly.

First of all please don't forget to read more about security

What is a SEED phrase of your account

Treat your backup phrase (aka SEED phrase) with care!

Find answers to your hottest questions or check the Knowledge base

Account creation and restoring

How to restore access to my account

Where can I find my Waves address

I'm trying to restore my account, but I'm getting a different waves address

DEX (Decentralised exchange)

How to trade tokens on the DEX

How can I find unverified asset on the DEX

List of Verified Assets

Waves transfers and Gateways

How to send and receive Waves

How to send and receive Asset

How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin

How to deposit and withdraw Ethereum

How to deposit and withdraw Litecoin

How to deposit and withdraw Zcash

How to withdraw fiat money (EUR, USD)

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Key points

Waves Roadmap 2018

What is Waves DEX?

What is Waves NG protocol?

What is Waves Lab service?

What is WCT?

What is Liquid?


Full Node


How to Install

Config file

Config file tutorial




> Dev wiki -

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