Lite client: How to send and receive Waves

How to send WAVES

Click on the button SEND in the WAVES section

The following pop-up will open:

Recipient's Address: Enter the Waves address of the recipient.

Amount: Define a number of WAVES you want to send.

Attachment: Optional. You can write a message for the recipient in the Attachment field. Note: Some exchanges (e.g. Tidex) require users to include an attachment when depositing WAVES. Otherwise they cannot credit your account.

Fee: Amount of WAVES you pay as the transaction fee. For a casual WAVES transfer, the standard transaction fee is 0.001 WAVES which is deducted from your account separately. Remember that sending WAVES costs you 0.001 WAVES in transaction fees.

After you have entered all necessary information, click on Submit and the transaction will be sent to the network. It takes at maximum 60 seconds to confirm and arrive in the recipient's account. During that time, the transaction is blinking in the transaction list and as soon as it has confirmed it stops blinking.

How to receive WAVES

Receiving WAVES is very straightforward. Just copy your Waves address and hand it to the person who wants to send you WAVES.

You can find your waves address at the top of the main page 

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