Fasten your seatbelts, we are going to deposit Bitcoin Cash to your wallets!

Dear Waves Riders,

As promised, though with a little technical delay, we are ready to give you Bitcoin Cash in Waves Lite Client.

How much will I get?

If you had some Waves BTC in your wallet exactly at the moment of the BTC network fork, i.e. when the last common block of the two branches was found (at 15:20 Moscow time 2017-08-01), you will receive the same amount of Bitcoin Cash into your wallet.

Where can I see my BCC?

You can find your Bitcoin Cash in your Portfolio section (not the main screen).

May I trade BCC?

You can trade Bitcoin Cash immediately, just use search asset field in DEX section. Or follow the instructions - How to trade tokens on the DEX



Considering the hype around BCC, we warn all users about possible fake Bitcoin Cash tokens at Waves platform. Beware of scammers.

The official Waves BCC token has a green tick of a verified token, as well as this token ID zMFqXuoyrn5w17PFurTqxB7GsS71fp9dfk6XFwxbPCy.


How can I withdraw BCC to another wallet or exchange?

Withdrawals to external wallets will be available in the nearest future.

How can I deposit BCC from another wallet or exchange?

Deposits from external wallets are still being discussed within the community.

May I transfer my BCC to my waves friend?

Sure! No restrictions here. Just follow the instruction - How to send and receive a Token

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