iOS wallet: How to trade tokens on the DEX

The Waves DEX is a decentralised exchange which allows you to buy, sell or exchange every asset existing within the Waves Platform.

Remember that exchanging a token on the DEX costs you 0.003 WAVES in transaction fees.


If you have enough assets, then you can exchange them for Waves without having the initial Waves using the internal DEX exchange.

Warning. When you exchange Assets for Waves to get an initial tokens. Please take into account the amount of exchange, since order fee is 0.003 Waves, this amount will be debited from the received Waves after order execution.

Step 1: Login into your account

Step 2: Click on the "DEX" icon and you will forwarded to the DEX interface

Step 3: Then click on the "+" button, this will allow to select the necessary pairs

Step 4:  Start to type the assets name in the search form and select the pair and click again on the "+" button

Let's check it with WavesCommunity / WBTC pair

Step 5: After that go back to the main menu

Step 6: Click on the selected pair

Step 7: When you click on it a new window will open. Study the offers on the market and click on the "Order" button, if you want to place a new order

Step 8: Select order type (Buy or Sell). Choose "Price in" and "Amount in",
check entered data and click on the "Place Buy or Sell order"

WarningMake sure that you have enough funds to open selected order and please double check entered price and amount data.

Step 9: Confirm or cancel the created order

If you did everything right, then your order will be accepted

Step 10: Click on the "OK" button and check placed order in the "MY ORDERS" section

Note. If you want to cancel an order just click on the cross "X" button.

Before sending, receiving and trading crypto assets, educate yourself to make informed decisions. Crypto assets are volatile and the prices can go up and down. Carefully evaluate your trading goals and the financial risk you are willing to take. Please beware that Wavesplatform does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice. You should take such decisions on your own or consult with reliable experts.

If you have troubles with our platform, please create a support ticket or write a question on our forum.

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