Full Node v0.8.5 (Testnet)

In this release:

  • optimizations to minimize memory footprint: we still keep at least 100 blocks in memory, but chunk sizes depend on amount of transactions.
  • various Block Headers api methods available at /blocks/headers/ allowing to request block headers(e.g. blocks w/o transaction bodies)
  • REST API availablility improvements
  • Various fixes, incl. node sometimes getting stuck

New settings in waves.conf:

  • waves.blockchain.max-transactions-per-block-diff - Max transactions per block diff, affects size of atomic persistence, default value is 1000

  • waves.blockchain.min-blocks-in-memory - Amount of blocks in memory. Fast rollback is possible up to this value, default value is 100

  • waves.matcher.order-cleanup-interval - Clean-up interval for expired orders on matcher, default value is 5m

  • waves.blockchain.in-memory-chunk-size and waves.blockchain.in-mem-chunks-amount are not used anymore We recommend to set Xmx parameter to 4G in case of transaction storage turned on, and 2G if you switched off transactions storage.


Then transactions storage is turned off some API method calls could produce invalid results. We will fix it later.


When updating from version 0.8.x, there's no need to delete blockchain or state files, just update executables. If you are updating from earlier versions, please be sure to read 0.8.0 release notes.


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