BCH airdrop FAQ [9 Nov, 2017]

Q: How many BCH airdrops will there be?

A: We’ve not planned this to be on a regular bases. This airdrop is more of a nice bonus to our great supporters. Let any future airdrops be a surprise, it’s more fun that way 😉 

Also, current airdrop mechanics is slow and the implementation of Waves-NG will let us do it way faster.

Q: Will there be airdrops from other bitcoin forks?

A: We do believe that the best way to use these funds is putting more efforts into the Platform development and taking Waves to the moon 

Q: How much will each airdrop be for?

A: This airdrop will be for 100 BCH (approx. 62 913 USD) in proportion to the users WCT balance.

Q: Why airdrop to WCT and not Waves?

A: WCT represents the long-term Waves holders, the idea is to reward users who hold waves for an extended period of time.

Q: How can I withdraw BCH from Waves?

A: Please use this solution > How to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from Waves

Q: When will BCH gateway be open?

A: For now we have this way of withdrawing BCH > How to withdraw Bitcoin Cash from Waves

Q: Why did the first airdrop occur on Thursday and not Monday as Sasha mentioned in Q&A?

A: Technical arrangements took a bit of time, and we’ve announced the exact doable day. 

Q: Which date/time were the WCT’s snapshots taken for this BCH airdrop? Or will the snapshot of WCT balances be from the day of?

A: The snapshot of the WCT balances is from the day of the airdrop.

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